Crazy fall in love with Japan.

I really don’t understand …

The reason why people afraid of Japanese.
Does they perfect with their life?
When we see effort of them, we are scaring

I am a fucking normal girl 🙂 i was born and grow up in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. Oops! Seems like my info doesn’t make sense with title. But, ignore them! OK? Today i want tell you a small story about my love with Japan.
So … you don’t know why i am crazy about everything around Japan like that?

Tell about me a little bit. I am a girl who loves noodles packaging the most, coincidentally, Japanese whom the first people discovered and made it.

Besides, i also like concept minimalism. A new life style emerged 1 year ago in Japan.

We can look back 1 year ago, when i was saw the new of minimalism style of them, actually that time, i don’t know who am i. Sometimes i thinking about them. People who living in a country of simplicity, a place where people always effort to die.
Are they happy?

Now, i suddenly realized my young intend for career. The large of time, i go to work and run my work like a hamster run on wheels. Not only i earn money, i work for it because i know my goal has never been fulfilled, and because my self associated too strongly with the work.
In my freetime, i also read a book or some old books. I don’t have many friends, they’re mostly a colleague. Rarely, we have a date or party! We’re don’t talkative about our life, i think a relationship like this very good. I really fine and i don’t feel lonely ( even no boyfriend ^^) ! Maybe, am i become a professional singles?

Review around around, 1 year … i saw my self, my goal and anything strange come my life. All these things i passed, taught me to Let Go 🙂 Cut Away excess stuffs, like concept minimalism of Japanese. I did it 🙂 and i told my self :
“Happiness is Enough – Enough the way i want.”  
Therefore, i can satisfied at the present. Seems like anything Japanese made for their country, from architecture, culture to art gallery, noodles gallery …
very simple, comfy and minimalism.

How about you?

Did you scared something and then you love it? 



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