Love you!

My favourite is read the books.

I don’t have many relationship in Vietnam, but i have books, “they’re” my bestfriends.

Recently, i have read a book of author Nobuyuki Takahashi, his job is copywriter, planner and make concept for other firms. After time he worked at Hakuhodo corporation, Japan. He become a professional freelancer and write some books to help the next generation can be work better.

Thanks to the content of his book. I learn more about Marketing industry. Actually, Marketer must “really” work, its mean a efficent Marketer will have many tasks a day. Keywork of this job is research and develop or design customers and anything relates to peoples. So if i want to be a descendant of him, i must have a good trends!

Hmm … Can you guess? 

Begin from a book, i like an author and from him … i also like a brand that represents new future, Protect environment. That’s MUJI brand.

How do you know your customers like your brand through a book?

The book of Mr.Takahashi is stories teller about many brands of Japan.
One of them is MUJI.
Then i figure out more info from this brand and the reason why i like MUJI is vision. Why i said that?

I thinking about the future, lifestyle of citizen on worldwide would be MOVING.
Instead of buy a house, they will rent a room. Therefore, they’re going to favored types of furniture easily removable. Convenient to brings picnic, move on new place or put neatly in warehouse.
To make the best Branding and won a position in the market, business have to lead the trend.
MUJI did it!

So … I just say … It’s so amazing!

A book i bought to learn about work skills, it’s brought many brand special to me. Many types of commodity i never knew before. Many message brand want to tell us which i never felt it.

Have you ever think about Marketing campaigns introduce your product through …
a book? Or something you can collect like a comic?

For instance, yesterday i read a comic that name is Shinnosuke, the content of that story was reminded peoples Protect environment through activities very realistic …
That’s a way transmission to your customers. Although your organization is profitable or non-profitable. Ignore them ^^!
The most important is what do you want to say with everybody?

Maybe, MUJI is right when they said: LOVE DON’T NEED TO DRAW MORE!

Love like an author really love his job a whole his life. 

Aligaytou sammase ❤


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