Am I happy?

Anyone like Horoscope? 😉

I’m a Cancer sign ♋.
Ascendant is Scorpio ♏.
Yesterday, I spent an hour to explain my chart birth Zodiac Sign. The reason why I’m try to perform this cause I love myself, and find it out is the best thing I can do. Although it’s very hard. I’m serious! I have to learn from Beginning level to understand myself.
Do you believe?
So my lesson is don’t read any post explain by writers in Vietnam 😂. They’re can translate or deduce about Sign, but they totally wrong, I knew it! Because when I read many post of other sources, Sign and Symbol only explain inherent nature of them, it’s not positive about anything else! Like the way writers Vietnam did. 😊
According to me, if you want unlock any symbol on your chart, you need to deducetive, ability connect other info to make sense them being meaningful, and you must have deeply in the knowledge of Sign.
For instance, you have to understand Pluto represents for what?
What’s make Pluto different and special?
Where’s Pluto at in your chart?
I have a small conclusion. Nowaday, people really interested in Read Themselves through anything they can trust, and make sure it’s also have scientific! Me too ^^
When you understand truly to read about yourself, you will confident in your life. You already welcome any news come although it’s good or bad. Then, you will realize you don’t need to compare yourself with other people 😊 cause you know, you have things that people want and opposite, too!
You learn to satisfied cause you had a position that you can trust and guide yourself a whole life! You don’t afraid anymore 😊
Everything don’t need to run the way Perfect.
When you see through realistic and feel by heart, you know you’re only one in the world.
You don’t need to be a famous person or standards of society that people expect on you.
When I figure out myself, I really happy!
I hope you also find youself through chart Zodiac Sign!
I’m happy as same as the thinkers always advice people ❤

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