Hey hey 😌 today I realized two types of favourite that people indispensable, it’s read a book and watch videos. Perhaps you think of …

“this is very normal – shut up – please write something have more newly like a big boom” 💥💢

So 😉 today I don’t negative : I’m boring!

Although I have a little of bore. It’s OK! Under pressure is a piece of life, now we’re Back to ideas 💡

“Actually” I think when people like something, for example read book or online, they’ll make it up to a habit.

I’m a bookaholic, in this post I just tell you about books and how about videos?

I DON’T CARE (4NE1) 😋😋😋

Yay yoooo ~ so do you have a crush like bookaholic?

If you have, you must read. Opposite, you should read 😊

Bookaholic is the type of person who distinguish book day by day, book like their food, you can understand “mental foods”.

Although they don’t always read a book, their favorite can make them read a whole book cope 100-200 pages once times, or the first time they bought it.

If you’re their friend, I sure you tried once time…

👠👗👛You kicked their ass straight up to Central Mall cause they’re selling discount 50-60 percent.💄👒⌚

💆💇You know a good Hair & Nail Salon opening in town, you take them there and tell “just sat and served”.💅💁

Sorry for my … foolish 💭 if you have ever did it, I really think of you like a trouble, not a friend!

They’re freaky!

Besides. They have a fucking crazy way of crush on someone. Do you want to know?

They can flirting by upload a GIF on status Facebook and write down: “Anyone make for me a library like this, I’ll marry him/her!” ❤ I told as same as PR movies Beauty and the Beast =)) I just wanna say it’s not kidding. I tell the truth!

Do you wonder why I assert that?

I’m a type of person who loves the book more than anything else.

I’m a type of fucking friend you had. 😊


Maybe I don’t understand each price of clothes, cosmetics hot trend opening last week. But if you go to bookstore with me, I’ll be your mentor.

I believe in the world also have friends like me. Actually 😉 they don’t hate social activities or motivations (good goals), but they just fine if they’re alone with books. I think from now, you don’t need to worry about them!

Share with you. Type of them very well and win the large of number people in the world. Don’t you believe me?

Let’s look around 😊 how many people working advertising copywriter, story teller author or travel-food blogger in the world? Do you see they’re develop every second?

In this active industry, marketing – ads – communication. Nobody well don’t need to read the books. I don’t want push up my point. Serious! To develop very well at work, they have to being a professional read-er 😊 if they don’t, how can they find their concept?

That’s improve my position is Real. Sometimes we’re think of future by Digital, Internet. Everything appear at realistic we can bring them to screenshot. But we forgot 😊 in the world still have something never disappear, like book and culture of read-er.

📘Do you boring books a lot of words as a pillows?

📖Do you think of a change content, instead of change design outside?

🚪Do you imagine someday, people read your books to advance their skills and like your brand through books?

When you read this post, do you want explore a title you like but you didn’t have time to read? 

Find it now! 😊

Some day, they must collected a series of books by your firms. 📚

😊 do you ever think of them?  


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