Unbelievable 😦😯

1 year ago, my favorite is go to the cinema, eat something delicious and new that people tell about it, or shopping at the weekend markets.

I had a happiness like this!

Now, if you asked me something about favorite, what will I do to entertain. I will reply you only 1 line, including:

A noodles packaging. A camera. A book!

All these things enough for me 😊 unbelievable 🙀

I still have a dream is eat all of type noodles packaging in the world. Book and… 😌 camera is my best friend, don’t need to the best modern type, just 📷 is fine!

The reason what’s make me totally changed.

-It’s about my mindset.

While my brain told me “the world moving each second times, do you expect to live in safe? congrats 😊 you’ll have many nightmares soon”

and my heart coax me “people always don’t forgive for themselves 😊 but you don’t need to regret too much, the world operating like that to help you forget the past, you should thank you for that”

The right time comes 🕥🕣🕕

I believe both of them. Yes! The world should be able to get the changes. My favourite also simple because I understood:

“happiness – depends on things follow the time”

Nobody need to have a whole world, they still happy!

Now a days, people have the trending move on more than live only one place where people think it’s stability. That’s reason I saw the Freelancers boom 💢💥 live and work everywhere global.

Besides. Business have a big change from sell to rent. Consumers, too! I think all the products high value should be rental 😊 the main is decrease reduce products and serve the world with least cast iron, it’s good! Right? 👌

Foods and drinks industry preparing towards to must-have things in refrigerator, eligibility menu for type of requests: are they low-carb? do they want increase muscles? Some day, they don’t buy anymore, they just buy a few things must-have and cook it.

The more they know about their health, what’s good for their life. Consumers very intelligent and they’re also a master of choose. I think they will be feel better about their choice when … we’re decrease consult 😊. The things we need to do is give more info goods for their purchase consideration, although I know they can see many news on facebook, twitter… but we can introduce a few channel reliable to make friend with them.

Say “hi” 👋 future by A new culture of seller and customers.

Do It Themselves. 


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