“My youth for work” 

When my youth spent all time to customers, revenue’s company and colleuges. I need to happy with it! All these things must be your family. 

I go through many phased of work, I’m an main actor in my career. Some day, i stop doing anything and asked my self “am I happy at my In-House?”

👔💼 About company where I’m always do my work better my position, I call it’s my Home. Some place I work for passion, some place I just work because I need money. But overview, I’m always thought that the works I did was representative of my self, it seem like my branding 😊

💰💵 About money, before I thought Rich are estate, pelf, domain … and now, after a long time I stop working by the way sell my time for boss, I focus on the occasion to study case. So I change 😊 I don’t earn money hard, just enough.

I already denied invite me to go shopping, party … I’ve made timetable studied English, Japan, wrote my blog and spent more time to clean my room, helped my parents housework.

When I have time, i learn how to do everything effective, from outside work to inside housework, I learn more about the way set up a day how to eligible for each task of my day, I be patient enough for make a new habit in my life although I don’t have a lot of bills and friends. Then I can see activities in shops, restaurants or bars pubs, there are just the kind of need, it’s not very important, if you don’t like, you can cut off it and you still happy. I call it’s Quality of life! 

I realized that I only worked best when I was working independently. The place to work have many positions and staffs maybe don’t fix my mindset in work. I’m becoming a freelancer. 😊

Cause when I worked In-House company or Big corp. I must be accepted the rules of that place, while I can do my plan and responsible about it, I have to wait for consent of my boss, I felt my ability limited. If unfortunately at the phase I’m trying to come on, but leadership have policies that don’t support my department, so I have to wait a while longer and really don’t know how long. I can say the time decide when I can prefer new position. I scared it! I bored!

No wonder why people make videos TEDtalk about work at company no longer effective. 50 percent of workers in England is freelance, similar to statistical of United States, Finland and other countries develop.

And you can convert the big family to each person whom you’re working. Your kindness through the prestige which anything you committed. That’s it!

Sometimes, people thought we’re Superman and other must be catch up me.

Actually, everything is simple. It’s very simple if you understand your self!

First, you have to treat your self good. When you can make decision freedom and simple, you action like that.

I don’t say anything easy! But I make sure nothing impossible if you want!



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