When I was child

Do you have a best friend? At least this moment … Or you always feel alone?ย 

Do you ever like take care something and you have to meet it everyday?

I mean ๐Ÿ˜Œ you have a pet, you really love it, the most important you choose it and buy it by your money. It’s like the present you give for your self! ๐ŸŽ

Pets are cute when you have free time to take care of them. But if your house haven’t enough space for all activities of them, or your owner house doesn’t allows them in their policies. It’s also difficult for you!

And now, can you guess?

We can have a pet in the game.

Do you remember Pet Society game on Facebook?

We can take them go bathroom to pee, poo ๐Ÿ˜Œ take shower ๐Ÿšฟ ย take them go to meeting other friends and feed them foods.

So we see all the activities of pet on game is the basis real activities in daily life. It’s haven’t complex philosophy like humans. The game make play-er focus on their pet!

When you wake up, go to work, go to bed … you will remember what should you do for them? Feed them eat, go bathroom or entertaining, or buy some new furniture to make them happy.

The life will better when you have a best friend who you know never let you go! You feel no longer alone.

I think that my life spent more time for a habit … that’s not redundancy things. It’s funny! Because I also forget about my self while I take care my pet.

Finally you make some profit habits. It’s good for your mental!


Do you know? I liked this game very much a whole time. It’s so great, but society games will disappear some day, give the import position for new apps modern in future.

It’s interesting in that I’m still waiting for the game to be reprinted.

Perhaps I don’t know how long producers reprint, so recently I found the game take care of Pet which I can bring it to me every time. It’s small, decor cute and more convenience than smartphone very much!

Tamagotchi. That’s old game in 2003, when I was child, it’s public and famous. Now a days, people have more choice to play game, they don’t attend the old valuable thing before, because Tamagotchi really basis. Producers of them opening the new version 4U and 4U+ in this year, but the game manipulation remains unchanged.

I can say Tamagotchi is the first game in world leaded people to Pet Game. And if now people choose forget them, it’s really a waste thing.

The greatest games which people admire is a game have value of mental.

Not just technical problems, new tools or version follow trending. It’s wake up play-er a landscape that people really need in life but they can’t perform.

The meaning of Pet game is spent a part of life to take care a pet on internet. That online life make people have a royal friend like a pet in real life. Don’t forget your love, your caring and your habit … All these things valuable that producers can create for play-er!ย 

It’s true! The game totally won loves from humans.

Do you ever read about news that young people at Japan don’t want to date, marry real people cause they had lover on game yet?

I like it ^^!

How about your point?


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