Broke …

Hey guys! How are you?

I have came back from a beach, my cousin sometime visited Vietnam cause he’s working at US, so he … drag me go ^^

We went Phan Thiet city where people choose to relax and join vacation a long time with family, also a city have many Russian come to work, live and travel. This trip reminded me the last time my family came, at the time very bustling no less than Ho Chi Minh city. But now, Phan Thiet city wasn’t longer as before, very quietly and sad. It’s means quietly on the way threadbare … and sad be like boring. The specialty sellers of vendors store didn’t talked to us. That the picture of travel industry of Vietnam 2017. I was sad … a little bit!

Somewhere i still believe in travel industry, it’s won’t be worse like Phan Thiet.

Maybe today i felt broke … now, can we talk about broke? 🙂

Do you know? I practiced wrote a blog don’t be an author or a copywriter. I’m just a women who loved economy too much! Overview my career through 2 years is obvious the market, the directly and indirect. It’s including research habits and reflex of customer when they accept our suggestions, maybe a check list service, a little gift from us or a promotion to push up branding of us on the market … i see all and i get it all.
In Vietnam, actually we don’t work for efficient, we just work because we need money to live. All these reports to CEO intended to improve the situation aren’t noted, our benefits the same 🙂 we can’t do anymore better, we just abide that we don’t know we have to abide when some better come …

The economic so great!
A maketer, a seller like me also have many opportunity to catch. Unfortunately, our economic leaded by a socialist background, it’s manipulated by them. It’s make our work very hard, i don’t say it’s hard about knowledge or technical, i say it’s hard about support from government. Really! Jobs made by our grey matter never recognized. Today i broke, i can’t do anymore …

My partner who i find the way to support their project, solve their problems … They shy! Cause maybe humans Vietnam don’t trust each others. They don’t want to grow up and develop, they safe in present, how dare they bigger when socialist don’t have any policy support? Economic don’t have any freedom …

I also find out about Solo Acts, some minimal business, i believe in my job but now i’m scare …

How can i do for my country?
A poor country …


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